Student Created Tech Use Policy


Download your own editable doc here: My UP Family Agreement

Korean My.U.P.

Chinese My.U.P.

In 2011, shortly after our school went 1-to-1, our 8th grade Health classes began noticing that they were having issues managing their tech distractions and were concerned about themselves and their classmates. For their advocacy project, they drafted a personal use agreement, created PSA’s to support it, and implemented it school wide.

Click on the links above to download the personalized Tech Use Policy. We called it the My.U.P. as a play on our school’s A.U.P. (acceptable use policy). As we’re an international school, we’ve got translations in both Chinese and Korean.

Feel free to work with your students to create their own. The issues vary from school to school, and from student to student, so this can be adapted to include any type of technology and media. Just keep it simple and use positive language. (Stay away from No, Don’t, Can’t and Shouldn’t). The key really is to get the students to create the document on their own. We guided them through their discussions and journals to ask the right questions, but were truly just the facilitators in this process.

Here’s one of the PSA’s created for the assembly to launch the My.U.P. to the rest of the Middle School.

Tech Curfew


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