The secret to fitness? Find something you like. Find other people who like it. Do it together. It doesn’t have to be a sport. Go ask some of the adults you know about their favorite physical activity, and you’ll find a huge range.

I’ve got some friends who love the gym, some are into yoga, some play soccer, softball.. heck, there’s even an adult dodgeball league in most towns. Just grab some friends. Go outside. Do something.

Go save the world from zombies. No… I’m serious.

Install this app. Join a community of runners. Escaping from zombies. Even on the treadmill.

Just remember, above all else, fitness should be fun. And you should do it for how you feel. Don’t worry so much about how you look. That’ll work itself out if you’re making healthy choices.

If you’re looking for fitness tips, here are some good resources:

BodiMojo Fitness

Teen Fitness

Nerd Fitness (especially awesome for my little gamer friends… this guy speaks your language)

Just be careful to maintain balance… don’t get obsessive, and don’t go looking for a quick fix. Any site that promises you a certain amount of weight loss or six pack abs, especially in some fixed amount of time… like 30 days, isn’t legit.

People will say all sorts of crazy things to get your money.

Look out for your friends as well, and if you think someone is taking excercise to the extreme, talk to them about it. If you’re really concerned, don’t mess around and just get an adult involved. This stuff can be dangerous, and bad habits can last a life time. Trust me… they’ll thank you later.

This isn’t just an issue for girls. According to this article from The New York Times, guys are having a harder time than ever trying to live up to this “buff ideal”.

Truth is, we’re not all supposed to look the same. It would be super boring if we did. Exercise for how it makes you feel… physically and mentally.  Eat lots of healthy food. You’ll probably end up looking just about right.

If you’re still concerned… talk to real-life person. A doctor, parents, coach, school nurse… a health teacher? Someone who knows you personally and has your best interest at heart.


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