Body Image

We all know somebody who doesn’t see themselves the way that everyone else does. And we’ve all had days like that too.


Tips and resources for setting healthy habits;

Bodi Mojo

From Upworthy: some facts about body image and the media

This isn’t just about girls:

NY Times article about Boys and Body Image


Do you know someone who is struggling? This isn’t something to mess around with. Tell an adult. They’ll thank you later.

National Eating Disorders Association


There are so many groups out there doing great things. Find them. See how you can spread the message at your school. Or think big, like Julia Bluhm, and really spark a change.

Other groups and advocates to check out:

About Face

Operation Beautiful

Adios Barbie

If you haven’t seen this great video from Dove yet, watch it and share it with your friends:

More hints and tips in the classroom...

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Tech Tips for Parents

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