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Upcoming: EARCOS Weekend Workshop

Developing a Health and Wellness Program for the Unique Needs of the International Student

October 14th & 15th, 2017

Ready-to-Go Health Projects for a School on Any Budget

SHAPE America National Convention 2017

Appropriate Practices in School Based Health Education: Curriculum and Student Engagement

Webinar Series: SHAPE America

PBL with a Focus on Health & Wellness

APPEC 2016: Hong Kong International School

#PhysedSummit 2016: Virtual Conference

Positive Prevention: A New Approach to Health Ed

SXSWEdu 2016, Austin, TX.

Designing a Health & Wellness Program for the Unique Needs of the International Student

Ruamrudee International School, Full Faculty Two-Day Workshop

UNIS Hanoi HPE Department, Weekend Workshop 2016

EARCOS Weekend Workshop 2015

The PE Teachers Guide to Teaching Health

EARCOS 2016, Manila

Oh, Puberty: There’s Still Not an App for ThatTeaching kids the right places to search online.

PhysEdSummit 3.0, 2015

SHAPE America National Convention 2015, Seattle

EARCOS 2014, Bangkok

Teacher/Counselor Workshop October 2013, Shanghai American School

No More Shame: The Social and Emotional Roots of Obesity

SHAPE America National Convention 2015, Seattle, Washington

Cyberbullying: Positive Prevention

Learning 2.013, UWCSEA Singapore

SHAPE America National Convention 2014, St. Louis, Missouri

Kids & Screens- Helping Kids Balance Their Digital Lives

Teaching Kids about Technology Balance

EARCOS 2013, Concordia International School, Shanghai

Helping Kids with Technology Balance: A Community-Based Approach

Parent Presentation 10/2014: Shanghai American School

Health Curriculum for Technology Balance

AAHPERD National Convention 2013, Charlotte, North Carolina

More hints and tips in the classroom...

PBL: Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: If you’re looking for ways to incorporate project-based learning into your Health class, (and let’s be honest here, you should be!) then why


Procrastination is a crime, it only leads to sorrow. I can stop it anytime, I think I will tomorrow… I learned that little jingle back

The Blue Zones Project

Hey 6th graders! You just learned about the Wellness Wheel and the four main components of our health: Physical, Social, Emotional and Mental. You also learned