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*Grade 8 Student Project

Positive Prevention: A New Approach to Health Ed

Weds. 3/9 1:30-3:30 (feel free to pop in at anytime!)

Austin Convention Center 17B

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What is Positive Prevention?

Tentative Agenda and Resources

Welcome and Intros

What’s your name and position, and where is your school at in terms of a Health and Wellness Program?

Round Robin discussion protocol and additional icebreaker ideas for a new class:

4 Starter Ideas for the First Day of the New Semester

Journal Topic: What did health class look like when you were in school?

Who taught it? What do you remember learning? How did it make you feel?

7 Reasons to Use Journaling in Your Classroom

What would your ideal Health program look like?

Brainstorm big idea words and phrases with your table on the chart paper.

Then stick the paper on the wall and have a gallery walk. Which words keep popping up?

What’s happening in Health Ed today?

Wall Street Journal Article- May, 2015: Schools Rethink Health Class, Incorporate Mindfulness Training

Exploring Health Standards

What standards are you using?

National Health Education Standards K-12

California State Health Standards: K-12

Ontario’s New HPE Standards

Current Health Concerns

What are the biggest health concerns at your school?

Use three separate post-its to jot down your top three, then place them on the wall.

All class activity- grouping health concerns by content

Adding new content:

During the following content delivery and discussion, write down any fierce wonderings you have on the post-its.

  1. Technology Balance
  2. A Positive Approach to Obesity Prevention
  3. Stress Management and Healthy Coping Skills– student exemplar video

Integrating SEL and Mindfulness into your Health, Wellness and PE programs

SEL Resources:

Edutopia: Evidence Based SEL Curriculums

2015 CASEL Guide: Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs—Middle and High School Edition

—Preschool and Elementary Edition

The Greater Good Science Center from UC Berkeley: SEL in Education Blog

Greater Good in Action Curriculum Guide– pdf

GGIA Website with online resources (Online Curriculum Tool)

Social Emotional Learning Activities for Health Class

Teaching Kids How to Cultivate Happiness

Meditation Resources

Teaching Meditation in Schools

Starting a Classroom Meditation Practice

Getting the kids on board:

Meditation in sportsin business, in the tech world, and in hip-hop and popular culture.

Smiling Mind- Level 1

What’s The Latest with Sex Ed?

Small group discussions based on state regulations:

Guttmacher Institute: Sex and HIV Education by State as of March 2016

  1. CBC News: Feb. 6, 2015: Sex Ed Should Include Consent, Identity and Porn

2. NPR: Oct. 2013- Puberty is Coming Earlier, But That Doesn’t Mean Sex Ed is

3. UK Telegraph: Sep. 2013- David Cameron Calls For Update of Sex Ed

4. PBS News Hour: The Case for Starting Sex Ed in Kindergarten

Teaching Kids to Evaluate Online Health Information

Teacher Resources 

Student Lesson Plan

Choices: October 2015- Are You Googling Yourself Sick?

Puberty Resources:

For parents: Puberty Help for Parents

A puberty video that actually works (and isn’t too awkward!): The Discovery Channel: Body Story

Additional Resource Share Out:

Choices Magazine from Scholastic: 33 Approved & Reliable Health Websites

Putting it all into action right away:

5 Ways to REBOOT Your Health Class

  1. Introduce mindfulness

2. Bring in outside experts/ Involve parent community: table brainstorm some options on your chart paper!

3. Keeping content current and relevant

Choices Magazine: Article share jigsaw

Hey Berna! videos

Teacher blogs for students and parents

Set up a Tweet Deck for the latest in #HealthEd 

4. Finding new ways to utilize technology

Using Social Media to Teach Kids Advocacy

Create Your Own Infographics

Positive Prevention to Combat Cyberbullying

Clean Up Your Digital Footprint- A Platform for Good!

5. Project based learning in the health class

12 Grab-and-Go Health Project Ideas

The Power of Collaboration

4 Essential Ingredients for Successful Teacher Collaboration

Open Work Space

  1. Creating and adapting projects for your school community

2. Developing a Scope & Sequence

3. Curriculum development time

Continue work, resource share-out/Q&A

Archive of Amy’s posts from Choices Magazine

New Health Ed resources we’ve picked up this week at SXSWedu!

Illinois Caucus of Adolescent Health: Super fun improv style skits to teach kids sexual health, decision making and risk taking. Education branch of Whole Foods dedicated to teaching kids to enjoy healthy eating and cooking! Great free downloadables and resources focused on food, not numbers!

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More hints and tips in the classroom...

PBL: Family Values

Mission Statement (noun): 1. An official statement of the aims and objectives of a business or other organization. Values are huge part of the decision making

PBL: Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating: If you’re looking for ways to incorporate project-based learning into your Health class, (and let’s be honest here, you should be!) then why

6th Grade- Flood Lesson

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EARCOS Weekend Workshop Agenda and Resources: Designing a Health & Wellness Program to Meet the Unique Needs of the International Student Saturday, September 12th Morning