Time Management

Procrastination and time management are huge issues for all of us, not just the kids. Here’s a great digital workshop on multi-tasking that can be used with middle school or high school students and for parent education.

Digital Workshops for Parents and Educators from PBS (The series on multitasking is quite effective with grades 6-8)

Show them the video of Mutlitasking at MIT and then go through the information on Continuous Partial Attention. Usually leads to a great discussion, especially for kids in a 1-to-1 environment. Lots of other great stuff on there if you dig through.




More hints and tips in the classroom...

SEL for Teens 2019

Hi friends! Below you’ll find a link to the pages for all of our workshops this weekend. Google Doc folder containing all of the slide shows throughout


Gaming is a big concern for a lot of parents and teachers, but it doesn’t have to be. Gaming can foster critical thinking skills, collaboration,

SAS- G&D Scope and Sequence

SAS Scope & Sequence: Growth, Development, & Sexual Health Here are the standards as a word document: SAS G&D- Scope & Sequence Key: CT- Classroom teacher


* this post originally appeared on Choices.Scholastic.com Many schools are shifting their curriculum to include project-based learning (PBL), but in the life of a teacher,

Tech Tips for Parents

When it comes to balancing your family’s digital diet, there are a ton of great resources out there for parents. I always recommend starting with