PEACH 2016- Health

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Google Doc for shared resources

Tentative Agenda and Resources

Welcome and Intros

What’s your name and position, and where is your school at in terms of a Health and Wellness Program?

Round Robin discussion protocol and additional icebreaker ideas for a new class:

4 Starter Ideas for the First Day of the New Semester

Journal Topic: What did health class look like when you were in school?

Who taught it? What do you remember learning? How did it make you feel?

7 Reasons to Use Journaling in Your Classroom

What would your ideal Health program look like?

Brainstorm big idea words and phrases with your table on the chart paper.

Which words keep popping up?

What’s happening in Health Ed today?

Wall Street Journal Article- May, 2015: Schools Rethink Health Class, Incorporate Mindfulness Training

Current Health Concerns

What are the biggest health concerns at your school?

Use three separate post-its to jot down your top three, then place them on the wall.

All class activity- grouping health concerns by content

The PE Teacher’s Guide to Teaching Health

1. Let others do the planning for you.

Setting up a Tweet Deck with #HealthEd for ideas and resources

12 Grab-and-Go Health Project Ideas

Unit Plan- It’s Crunch Time! Stress Management for Teens 

Exploring Health Standards


California State Health Standards: K-12

Ontario’s New HPE Standards

Creating your Own Content Strand Chart:

Template: SAS Units Covered K-12-Vertical Alignment

2. Know that it’s possible to squeeze physical activity into nearly every lesson.

3. Make the classroom look less like a prison cell.

3 Tips for Designing a Healthy, Inviting Classroom

Additional resources…

Archive of Amy’s posts from Choices Magazine

5 Ways to REBOOT Your Health Class

  1. Introduce mindfulness

2. Bring in outside experts/ Involve parent community: table brainstorm some options on your chart paper!

3. Keeping content current and relevant

Choices Magazine: Article share jigsaw

Hey Berna! videos

Teacher blogs for students and parents

4. Finding new ways to utilize technology

Using Social Media to Teach Kids Advocacy

Create Your Own Infographics

Positive Prevention to Combat Cyberbullying

Clean Up Your Digital Footprint- A Platform for Good!

5. Project based learning in the health class

The Power of Collaboration

4 Essential Ingredients for Successful Teacher Collaboration

Social Emotional Learning Activities for Health Class

Teaching Kids How to Cultivate Happiness

Meditation Resources

Teaching Meditation in Schools

Starting a Classroom Meditation Practice

Getting the kids on board:

Meditation in sportsin business, in the tech world, and in hip-hop and popular culture.

Smiling Mind- Level 1

Teaching Kids to Evaluate Online Health Information

Teacher Resources 

Student Lesson Plan

Choices: October 2015- Are You Googling Yourself Sick?

Puberty Resources:

For parents: Puberty Help for Parents

A puberty video that actually works (and isn’t too awkward!): The Discovery Channel: Body Story

Additional Resource Share Out:

Choices Magazine from Scholastic: 33 Approved & Reliable Health Websites


More hints and tips in the classroom...

Project: Create your own Infographic

*Infographic created by Esther, Grade 8 Infographics are used quite a bit in reporting health news, as they’re a visually appealing way to get facts and

Cyberbullying Resources

The best way to deflect cyberbullying? Through positivity. Now it’s time to create your own positive prevention… Student Rubric: Bullying- Positive Prevention Some examples from the Tumblr

Fear of Missing Out

We’re having more and more difficulty disconnecting and being alone. Why? FOMO What is FOMO? Well, you know that feeling you get when your internet starts