Eat real food.

Nature made it look like a rainbow for a reason. So you’d eat it. Don’t mess with nature.

There are so many different resources out there, and I know it can be overwhelming when you’re searching for ideas about how to eat.

You have to remember to pay attention to how you feel, and not so much how you look. Your body is still changing… especially if you’re in middle school, and weight fluctuations are common. If you want tips on developing healthy habits (which are so much easier to establish at your age), go to the right places for your information.

Kid’s Health: Food & Fitness

Body Mojo: Healthy Goals

Australia is really on top of their game when it comes to kids and nutrition. You don’t have to live there to benefit from the work they’ve been doing.

Nutrition Australia 

Don’t follow some fad diet or cut out food groups. Be sure to involve your family in your new goals. And don’t get frustrated if you start making healthy changes and you aren’t seeing the results you think you should.

Everybody is supposed to look different (it would be super boring if we didn’t!), and being thin or “buff” is not the normal body shape for people your age… despite what the media tells you. Look up some of the actors and actresses from your favorite shows and movies about teenagers. Most of them are over 20. Why? Because people in their teens sometimes look awkward. I’m sure you’ve heard all of this before, but it always bears repeating. Even if you have to create an affirmation for yourself and tape it to your forehead.

Eat real food.

It makes you feel good and it sets you up for a lifetime of healthy choices. Have some treats in moderation. I mean, you’re a kid. It’s part of the fun. But balance it out with more veggies. And don’t forget about the other food groups. Water. Veggies. Did I mention veggies?

Oh, and if you really think you need to lose weight, talk to your school nurse. Or your doctor, or your parents, or your health teacher… you see where I’m going with this. An adult you can trust – which means someone you know in person- not some random dude on Yahoo answers.

DO NOT just search blindly about weight loss on the interent. You’ll end up with a hot mess of information from people all claiming to be experts. Find the real experts. Work with them.

Oh yeah, and one more thing. Veggies.


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