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UNIS Weekend Workshop Agenda and Resources:

Designing a Health & Wellness Program to Meet the Unique Needs of the International Student

Friday, May 5th

Morning Session

Welcome and Intros

4 Starter Ideas for the First Day of the New Semester

Journal Topic: What did health class look like when you were in school?

Who taught it? What do you remember learning? How did it make you feel?

7 Reasons to Use Journaling in Your Classroom

Where is your school at in terms of a Health and Wellness Program?

Current Health Concerns

What are the biggest health concerns at your school?

What would your ideal Health program look like?

What’s happening in Health Ed today?

Wall Street Journal Article- May, 2015: Schools Rethink Health Class, Incorporate Mindfulness Training

Exploring Health Standards


Exploring Health Standards with MYP


California State Health Standards: K-12

Ontario’s New HPE Standards

Creating your Own Content Strand Chart:

Template: SAS Units Covered K-12-Vertical Alignment

Skills-Based Health Ed:

Conflict Resolution Role-Play: Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health Resource Page

What’s Up in Your Cafeteria? Teaching Kids to Advocate for Healthier School Lunches

Lunch Break!!

Growth, Development & Sexual Health

Oh, Puberty! Teaching Kids to Evaluate Online Health Information

Teacher Resources 

Student Lesson Plan

Choices: October 2015- Are You Googling Yourself Sick?

Puberty Resources:

Puberty Help for Parents

The Discovery Channel: Body Story

What’s The Latest with Sex Ed?

Article Jigsaw

NY Times: March, 2016: When Did Porn Become Sex Ed?

NPR: October, 2013- Puberty is Coming Earlier, But That Doesn’t Mean Sex Ed is

The Atlantic: April, 2016- When Should Kids Start Learning About Sex and Consent?

NY Times: May, 2016 : Breast and Body Changes Are Driving Teen Girls Out of Sports

John Oliver Video: Sex Ed

Guttmacher Institute: Sex and HIV Education by State as of March 2016

Gender Roles and Stereotypes

Choices Magazine, May 2016: “Who Said It?”

Gender Stereotypes– pdf of article

3 Project Ideas to Help Teens Challenge Gender Stereotypes

Additional Resource Share out

Choices Magazine from Scholastic: 33 Approved & Reliable Health Websites

Saturday, May 7th

Integrating SEL and Mindfulness into your Health, Wellness and PE programs

SEL Resources:

Edutopia: Evidence Based SEL Curriculums

2015 CASEL Guide: Effective Social and Emotional Learning Programs—Middle and High School Edition

—Preschool and Elementary Edition

The Greater Good Science Center from UC Berkeley: SEL in Education Blog

Greater Good in Action Curriculum Guide– pdf

GGIA Website with online resources (Online Curriculum Tool)

Social Emotional Learning Activities for Health Class

Positive Psychology in the Health Class

Using the VIA character strengths to helps teens discover their unique identity: Links and project instructions

Part 1: The Happy Movie– links and discussion questions

Part 2: Teaching Kids How to Cultivate Happiness– activities to implement right away

Meditation Resources

Teaching Meditation in Schools

Starting a Classroom Meditation Practice

Zen in the Workplace

Getting the kids on board:

Meditation in sportsin business, in the tech world, and in hip-hop and popular culture.

TED Talk, Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

UNIT PLAN: Stress Management for Teens

Preventative measures for the not so healthy coping skills…

The Alcohol Research Lab

5 Ways to REBOOT Your Health Class

  1. Introduce mindfulness

2. Bring in outside experts/ Involve parent community

3. Keeping content current and relevant

Introducing a Healthy Digital Balance

From Common Sense Media, May 2016: What Educators Need to Know About Technology Addiction

NY Times, April 2016: Why Do Girls Tend to Have More Anxiety Than Boys?

Choices Magazine

Hey Berna! videos

Teacher blogs for students and parents

Set up a Tweet Deck for the latest in #HealthEd 

4. Finding new ways to utilize technology

From Leah’s blog: teachinghealthandhappiness.com

Using Social Media to Teach Kids Advocacy

Create Your Own Infographics

Positive Prevention to Combat Cyberbullying

5. Project based learning in the health class

Exploring Dietary Guidelines Around the World

Choices Blog: 12 Grab-and-Go Health Project Ideas

 Open Work Space

  1. Creating projects for your school community

2. Developing your Scope & Sequence

3. Curriculum development


Afternoon Session

Continue Open Work Space

Developing a Health & Wellness PLN

Continue work, resource share-out/Q&A

Additional resources for curriculum planning:

6 Online Resources for Planning a Health Curriculum

Archive of Amy’s projects and posts for Choices Magazine

More hints and tips in the classroom...

Grade 6 Course Outline

Middle School Health Education Ms. Smith, Room M106 Email: amy.smith@saschina.org “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, emotional and social well-being and not merely

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Tobacco. Gross.

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SEL for Teens 2019

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