6th Grade- Flood Lesson

Hey 6th graders,

Sorry about the floody day schedule! Hopefully you were able to use it to your advantage and get a few extra hours of sleep 🙂

For today’s lesson, you need to take the character strengths survey from Via Strengths.

Click here to take the quiz.

Once you’ve gotten to the page, you’ll need to register an account. Day 2 has already done this, and Day 1, you might have done it in elementary at some point. If you have, go ahead and take the quiz again. Sometimes our strengths shift!

You are going to take the Strengths Survey for Youth.

If you don’t have an account and are setting up a new one, you might have trouble getting started. You don’t need to fill in the demographics section, just click “I’m taking this quiz for myself”. If it’s still giving you trouble, you might need to put in a different birth year so it looks like you are over 13.

After you get the results, please download them and save them onto your computer, as we’ll be discussing them next class.

Then, write the following journal reflection…

Reflect on your top VIA strengths. Do you think they are an accurate representation of who you are? Are there any you disagree with? Can you think of specific times you have demonstrated your top strengths?

Just do your journal on your laptop or a separate sheet of paper and bring it in to stick in your classroom journal.

I’ll be online today if you have any questions!

See you tomorrow 🙂

Ms. Smith

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