It’s Food Revolution Day! Here at SAS we’ve been celebrating by going into the kitchen to make smoothies and pumpkin energy bites.

What are you going to be doing to get kids excited about food? Check out the website for recipes and ideas so you can Join In, Get Cooking, and Spread the Word!

Here’s a great RSA Short from Michael Pollan about how cooking can change your life…


More hints and tips in the classroom...

7th Grade- Flood Lesson

Hey 7th graders! Sorry about the floody day schedule! Hopefully you were able to use it to your advantage and get a few extra hours

Tech Balance

Looking at how technology and health intersect. Click on the specific topics for further information and links.

SEL for Teens 2019

Hi friends! Below you’ll find a link to the pages for all of our workshops this weekend. Google Doc folder containing all of the slide shows throughout

Wellness for HS Seniors

College Readiness: Managing your stress and staying well.  Hey seniors!!!! You have heard senior year can be stressful… but it doesn’t have to be! Learn strategies