Online self-diagnosis put to the test…

From BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory

“Online health searches are the third most popular web activity. 70% of us self-diagnose, but only 25% ever check the source…”

But as adept as we are at searching, how do we stack up to human beings with real life experience…?

Awesome resource… and a must-see for students (all of us, actually). Dig around on this great series from the BBC if you can. Tons of great clips on there for Science teachers too.

More hints and tips in the classroom...

APPEC 2017

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What is Technology Balance?

*Image courtesy of 9gag via my 7th grade class   In a 2011 study done by the McCann World Group, 53% of 16-22 year-olds said they would rather

Tobacco. Gross.

Hopefully most of you know that smoking is bad. I don’t think this is going to come as a shock. You shouldn’t do it. And

EARCOS Health & Wellbeing 2021

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Research shows that one of the main reasons teens go on the internet is to get answers to health questions they’re too embarrassed to ask