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EARCOS Health Workshop 2017

Lesson plans for the IB- Health Education for Teens

Saturday, October 14th

Morning Session

8:30-Welcome and Intros

Where is your school at in terms of a Health and Wellness Program?

Setting up a healthy and inviting classroom environment

8:45-10:00- Updating Health Curriculum to Meet the Needs of Today’s Teens

What are the biggest issues facing teens today?

What role does technology play in personal, family and community health?

What are the issues that are unique to international students?

What are the issues that are unique to your specific student population?


10:15-11:00 Transitioning to Skills-Based Health Education

What are health literacy skills?

Looking at the National Health Education Standards

Appropriate Practices in School-Based Health Education

11:00-11:30 Nutrition Education for a Multi-Cultural Student Population

  • Digging into NHES Standard 3: Accessing valid information to enhance health
  • Teaching the skills-cues from The Essentials of Teaching Health Education
  • Exploring dietary guidelines around the world

11:30-12:30 Lunch @ International Fair and Observation for Dietary Guidelines Activity

12:30-1:00 Dietary Guidelines Around the World

Scholastic Activity: Exploring Dietary Guidelines Around the World

SAS Student Activity Sheet: Food_Guildlines_around_the_World_Notetaking_Sheet

Compare findings and debrief from morning activity

 1:00-3:00 PBL with a Focus on Health & Wellness

How can project-based learning fit into our current school program (MYP, UBD, etc.)

What projects can I use that are relevant to my students?

Resources galore! 12 Grab-and-Go Projects with a Focus on Health and Wellness


*We’ll be done at 3, but the SAS International Fair goes until 4 p.m., so you’ll have plenty of time to explore and get some shopping in if you’d like!!

Sunday, October 15th

Integrating SEL and Mindfulness and Tech into your Health, Wellness and PE programs

 8:30-9:00 –Movement and Mindfulness in the Health Class

Strategies to get kids up and moving as well as settled and grounded

9:00-10:00- Digital Citizenship, Digital Health and Mindful Technology Use

Digging into NHES Standard 2: Analyzing the influence of peers, culture, media and technology on health behaviors

Teaching teens about having a balanced relationship with their technology

Media Literacy: analyzing the influence of social media and peer pressure on health behaviors

Article: Digital Rep – NovDec 2017

Digital Footprint Activity

10:00-10:15 Break

10:15-11:30 The Latest in Growth, Development, and Sexual Health

Article Jigsaw- What’s Currently Going on with Sex Ed?

The influence of technology on sexual health and relationships

Video: What’s the current state of sex ed?

11:30-12:30 Lunch

 12:30-1:15- Keeping Content Current and Relevant

6 Online Resources for Creating a Health Curriculum

2 Keys for Keeping Content Relevant in Health Ed

Developing a Professional Learning Network of other health educators within the international community and across the globe

Opportunities for continued professional development

1:15-1:30 Community and Parent Partnerships

Resources for parent and teacher workshops

Reaching out the community for resources and support

1:30-1:45- Break

1:45-2:45- Open Work Space

  1. Creating projects for your school community
  1. Developing your Scope & Sequence
  1. Working within your cohort to identify next steps for this school year and beyond

2:45-3:00- Closure & Resource Share out

*As adaptability is key in Health ed, this schedule is subject to change based on the needs of the participants and where our discussions take us!

More hints and tips in the classroom...

SXSW Resources

*Grade 8 Student Project Positive Prevention: A New Approach to Health Ed Weds. 3/9 1:30-3:30 (feel free to pop in at anytime!) Austin Convention Center

Advocacy through Art Project

Hey 7th graders! Here are the details for step one of your project. For teacher instructions, check out the details on this post for Choices

Presentations & Consulting

  Presentations and Workshops:  Click on the green hyperlinks for resources or contact amy@thehealthteacher.com for more info. Upcoming: EARCOS Weekend Workshop Developing a Health and Wellness