Identifying valid health sites

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Hey 6th graders! Did you know that online health searches are now the third most popular activity on the web? While googling symptoms can sometimes be helpful, sometimes it can give us misinformation as well. Read the following article from Choices: Are you Googling Yourself Sick? Now that we’ve talked about how to identify useful

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Study materials for the Puberty Quiz…

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Hey 6th graders, Here are the materials you’ll need for this week’s Growth & Development Quiz. Not to worry… you’re ready. As long as you know the basics, you should be good to go! (Hint, in addition to the reproductive stuff, there will be some questions on there about mental/emotional changes and how to combat body teasing.)

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Changing bodies, changing uniforms.

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The Dallas School Board just made a ruling about easing up on their dress code for their overweight and obese kids, no longer forcing them to tuck in their shirts. While I’m all for this… there’s nothing worse than trying to tuck in a shirt when you’re not feeling great about your body… when I

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