Resources for connecting health curriculum to the world we live in now.

Our rapidly changing world presents a whole new set of opportunities and challenges for kids. Staying on top of the latest can help us guide them as they set healthy habits for life. Got questions?
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About Me

I teach Middle School Health at the Hong Kong International School and have a passion for curriculum that is current, relevant, adaptable, and shared. I've presented at conferences in Asia as well as at SXSWedu and the SHAPE America National Convention. Outside of the classroom, I write the teacher's guide and a weekly column for Choices, Scholastic's health and life-skills magazine for teens. You can find me online at and on


Upcoming: EARCOS Weekend Workshop
Elevating Student Health and Wellness: An Integrated Approach
Sept. 29-30, 2018
Ruamrudee International School

Asia Pacific PE Conference:
Hong Kong International School
Nov. 16-18, 2018
Precon: The PE Teacher's Guide to Teaching Health

#PhysEdSummit 2016 :
Online presentation
PBL With a Focus on Health & Wellness

Additional resources from past presentations can be accessed at:
The Health Teacher: Presentations


Wellness Wheel

#healthedHealth and Wellness for Today’s International Teen

8th grade tech balance

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 8.47.09 AM

#healthedHi guys! This unit, we’re going to be looking at the influence of technology and media on our personal and family health. After reflecting in your journal, here are the resources you’ll need! Brainstorm in your group on the chart paper. What is the impact of technology and media on our health and wellness? Make two

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Health Sites Web Quest

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 6.54.47 PM

#healthedHey 6th graders! Did you know that online health searches are now the third most popular activity on the web? While googling information about our health can  be helpful, sometimes it can give us misinformation as well. Read the following article from Choices: Will You Fall for Fake News? After reading all of the ways

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