Today’s Health Class

What makes an effective Health curriculum?

Check out this article from the CDC… it very clearly breaks down the characteristics of an up-to-date Health class, with an emphasis on skills rather than content.

So important, as it gives teachers the freedom to design their class with their specific student population in mind. This serves the students as they establish healthy habits, and encourages a culture of advocacy.

More hints and tips in the classroom...

PBL Health

Hey #HealthEd teachers, here’s a link for all of the resources I shared in the PhysEdSummit and APPEC 2016 workshops. For free PD, here’s a copy of

12 Grab & Go Projects for Health

* this post originally appeared on Many schools are shifting their curriculum to include project-based learning (PBL), but in the life of a teacher,


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Presentations & Consulting

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