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Article: What Students Have to Say About Skill-Based Health Education

Slides: PXHS Student Health & Wellness

SEL/Wellness Alignment Chart PK-12

Additional Resources: New York Times Unit Plan on the #MeToo Movement

Agenda: PXHS Planning Retreat
Elevating Student Health & Wellness at SAS: An Integrated Approach
8:15-8:30- What are the big issues for SAS HS students today?
8:30-9:45- Existing alignment and additional opportunities- getting a Scope and Sequence for Health and Wellness down.
What are we currently doing in each department/grade level? Where are there opportunities to scale back and/or ramp up?
-The importance of health literacy skills
-Getting to know the ‘what, why and how’ of skills-based health by engaging in a student activity. (Decision Making: Alcohol and Drug Use and the International Teen)
9:45-10:00- Break
10-11:45- Unit planning for health and counseling cores using current data and research
We’ll be designing a HS unit together on Analyzing the Influence of Social Media on Food Choice, Physical Activity, and Body Image in Teens.
Resources we’ll be using: 
password: SAS2017
11:45-12:45- Lunch
12:45-3:00- Work/Planning Time
-Resource availability and adaptability- where to house and access shared planning documents?
-Staying on top of the latest in teen health
-Skill cues to teach health literacy in gr. 9-10 as well as revisit in counseling cores gr. 11-12.

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  Download your own editable doc here: My UP Family Agreement Korean My.U.P. Chinese My.U.P. In 2011, shortly after our school went 1-to-1, our 8th grade Health classes