Inspirational Goal Setters

We’re working on our goal setting unit in 7th grade Health, which means it’s time to find some inspirational goal setters. There are a ton of great examples out there, so we usually start each lesson out with a short video clip to get the discussion going. Then, it’s the student’s turn, as they find someone who inspires them to present to the class.

Project Sheet: Goal Setting Project: Fall 2013

The other day we watched Carry On from ESPN’s Outside the Lines, which is the story of two high school wrestlers who accomplished some pretty great things in the face of some very tough odds.

After that, we watched the new Duracell commercial featuring Derrick Coleman, a deaf player from the NFL…

And then this fun video by Dartmouth student Jake Gabba, who wanted to document his 100 day study abroad trip in China by dancing along the way…

Two very different examples, but each one can teach us something about the goal setting process.

For more inspiration, check out these links…

The Forbes 30 Under 30: Social Entrepreneurs, Class of 2014

Time: These are the 30 People Under 30 Changing the World

CNN Heroes 2013: Everyday People Changing the World

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