Eportfolios in Education

From Times Higher Education, Sept. 2015

Universities are switching to a new form of admissions, how do we prepare our students for the shift?

Current research on eportfolios:

Times Higher Education: Leading universities to change student application process

Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success: Participating Schools

Tech Crunch, Dec. 2015: The New Digital Stars of Higher Education

“…the days of viewing ePortfolios as peripheral rather than central are dead.”

Please answer the following questions:

What do you think should be the main purpose- for middle school students– of an eportfolio?

Place one dot on the sheet that best represents your thoughts.

  1. Reflection
  2. Showcase
  3. Assessment

If we were to shift to an eportfolio system, what student information would you- given your current position– like to see housed on it?

Look at the following list, and put a dot on the sheets that represent your top three choices…

  1. Standards
    1. Curricular
    2. Reporting
  2. Evidence of Learning
    1. Process
    2. Product
  3. Others’ Voices
    1. Teacher Feedback
    2. Parent Feedback
    3. Peer Feedback
  4. Extracurriculars
  5. SEL Development
  6. Tech Skill Development
  7. Other- please write details on the sheet


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