SAS Growth, Development & Sexual Health

Thanks so much for taking the time out to join us on Monday. I know we’re all excited to get aligned and up-to-date with our puberty units.

Here’s where I’ll be keeping all of the resources that we’ll be using throughout the day. Let me know if there’s any additional information you’d like to include on this page as I’ll be updating it as we go!

SAS Scope & Sequence and resources (a work in progress!)

Agenda & Resources:

8:15- Welcome and intros

8:30-9:15- What’s happening in sex ed?

CBC News: Feb. 6, 2015: Sex Ed Should Include Consent, Identity and Porn

NPR: Oct. 2013- Puberty is Coming Earlier, But That Doesn’t Mean Sex Ed is

NPR: Dec. 2014- How Girls Are Developing Earlier in an Age of ‘New Puberty’

NPR: Dec. 2012- Like Girls, Boys Are Entering Puberty Earlier

UK Telegraph: Sep. 2013- David Cameron Calls For Update of Sex Ed

Guttmacher Institue: Sex and HIV Education by State as of Feb. 2015

9:15-10- Exploring the National Health Education Standards

Downloadable documents:


California State Health Standards: K-12

10:15-12:00- Developing our scope & sequence

SAS- Growth and Development, Scope & Sequence

1:00-2:00- Unit plan development

2:15-3:00- Additional resource sharing/unit plan development continued

Proctor & Gamble School Program

Kids Health- Classroom

Healthy Bodies by Kathy Kater Gender Stereotyping

Puberty Movie- Grade 6: Discovery Channel- Teenage Dreams



More hints and tips in the classroom...

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