My.U.P. in Korean version

Chinese MyUP

Had a great time presenting at the AAHPERD National Convention this week.

What an awesome opportunity to talk Health with folks from the elementary all the way through the university level. If you weren’t able to make it to the session or download my handout from their website, you can just access the curriculum resources here.

Additional resources and information on other technology balance issues can be accessed from the links on the menu above or from my blog.

I’ll add resources for the other content areas as I build the site, but please let me know if you need anything in the meantime. I’ve got lots of great links and love to share.

Click on the link above to download our personalized Tech Use Policy. We called it the My.U.P. as a play on our school’s A.U.P. (acceptable use policy).

Feel free to work with your students to create their own. From what I’ve been gathering this week, the issue here in the states is definitely more about cell phone use (even for university professors). So remember, this can be adapted to include any type of technology and media. Just keep it simple and use positive language. (Stay away from No, Don’t, Can’t and Shouldn’t).

Here are a couple student made PSA’s to support the different sections… they used these during the assembly to launch the My.U.P. to the rest of the Middle School.

More hints and tips in the classroom...


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