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– Superfood: 20 Kid Friendly Recipes –

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about the idea of “Superfoods” that gets Middle School kids super excited. Actually… that’s a lie. I do know what it is. They’re all about instant gratification. And typically, they pick food based on what it’s going to do for them in that moment. They’re not thinking long-term here. This shouldn’t come as a surprise…. I mean, if you fry it, they’ll buy it.

So, if calling nutritional rockstars “Superfoods” somehow gives them the impression of super powers, like invisibility or x-ray vision? I’d say go with it.

Never underestimate the power of a little trickery when helping kids develop healthy habits. In the slide show, they recommend slowly switching out the refined carbs with whole grains.

I mean… what they don’t know, right?

Of course, if it turns out that kale actually does give you super powers, they’ll eventually figure out what you’re up to.

But by then… they should already be too into the quinoa to care.

Need help finding superfoods here in Shanghai? Check out Sprout Lifestyle or Kate & Kimi.

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