8th grade tech balance

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Hi guys! This unit, we’re going to be looking at the influence of technology and media on our personal and family health. After reflecting in your journal, here are the resources you’ll need! Brainstorm in your group on the chart paper. What is the impact of technology and media on our health and wellness? Make two

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5 TED Talks to Use During Health Class

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This week, I’ve been getting ready to make the trek from Shanghai out to Seattle for the SHAPE America National convention, and I’m super excited. Love the chance to connect with other health teachers and see what everyone’s been up to. What I wasn’t so excited about, however, was writing up a week’s worth of sub

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More Lessons Learned About Teens and Their Phones

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This is a follow-up to some lessons my students and I learned about technology while on a school trip. For Part 1, click here. Lessons learned, continued: Don’t always assume they know what’s best. It’s easy to get frustrated with teenagers for their phone use. They seem to break their phones out constantly, and often at

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Lessons Learned About Teens and Their Phones

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This month’s Choices cover story, “Help! I Can’t Put Down My Phone,” is a must-read for any health class in grades 6-12. I say this as a teacher who has spent the last few years researching and presenting on teens and their technology use. But more importantly, as a teacher who just returned from a five-day trip

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