Alcohol & Drug Lab

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Hey 8th graders, Here’s the doc with all of the links you’ll need for the alcohol lab. Work at your own pace and in whichever order you choose, just make sure you stay on task, there’s tons to learn about making healthy choices. Drug and Alcohol Lab- Spring 2014 Rubric for Alcohol Lab- Spring 2014 The

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Rates of teen substance abuse are on the way down…

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Good news! According to the latest report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a branch of the Department of Health and Human Services, more teens in the U.S. are making the right choices. The survey included over 70,000 people, and in the 12-17 age bracket, there were some noticeable improvements between the years 2002-2013. Some of the

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Alcohol companies find new growth market in Africa

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This just in from Time Magazine… “Africa has a drinking problem. It is the new darling of multinational beverage companies looking to drive profits in an increasingly booze-saturated world. The continent has the perfect emerging market conditions: a relatively small amount of commercial alcohol is being consumed; there is a rising middle class with disposable income;

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Challenging the norms about teen drinking…

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Lately, much of my focus in class has been on getting the kids to challenge norms… things we’ve been conditioned to view as “rites of passage”. President Obama mentioned this in his 2010 speech about bullying, and I think it’s something we should look at when it comes to our other content areas as well.

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