5 TED Talks to Use During Health Class

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This week, I’ve been getting ready to make the trek from Shanghai out to Seattle for the SHAPE America National convention, and I’m super excited. Love the chance to connect with other health teachers and see what everyone’s been up to. What I wasn’t so excited about, however, was writing up a week’s worth of sub

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Cultivating Happiness in Health Class

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In a prior post I wrote about positive psychology—which is the study of the things that make life worth living—and why it is such a perfect fit when you’re trying to teach kids about health. This week, I’ll share some easy and effective ways that you can incorporate the practices into your class. Know Your Strengths

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Starting a Classroom Meditation Practice

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“OK, I get it. The kids need to meditate… but how does that work, exactly?” We live in some hyper-connected times; stress levels are on the way up as attention spans are on the way down. Equipping students with the skills needed to slow down and be mindful can help them as they struggle to find focus

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Mindfulness in the NBA

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Phil Jackson has taken over the Knicks,  and one of the big changes he’s bringing with him is a focus on mindfulness. Meditation has been scientifically proven to benefit athletes, but often they have a difficult time getting the practice started. In this article from ESPN, Phil Jackson explains why… “We’re about action; we’re about this intense

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