E-cigarettes and the FDA…

With the rates of middle and high school students who have used e-cigarettes doubling between 2011-2012, it’s important that we add this hot button issue into our curriculum right away.

E-cigarettes have been all over the news this week, with the FDA stepping up to put some regulations into place. While these new restrictions will finally put a ban on the sale to minors, many critics are saying that it’s still not enough…

From the LA Times: Health groups say FDA ‘vaping’ rules fail to protect children 

In this informative clip from PBS News Hour, Mitchell Zeller – director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products – explains that this is just the first step in regulating a rapidly growing industry that many are referring to as the “wild, wild West”.

Coming in at just over six minutes, this clip would be a great way to start a class discussion about e-cigarettes. While the research still isn’t conclusive as to the risk of ‘vaping’, there is no doubt that nicotine is addictive. And while e-cigarettes can be a less harmful alternative for those who are trying to quit tobacco, the advertising tactics and candy flavors many of these companies are using indicate that they are definitely gunning for the youth market.

This article from USA Today goes over the FDA’s 20-year road to regulating tobacco. Here’s hoping the lessons learned from that battle will help them get things moving faster this time around.




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