Let’s talk about body image…

Not sure when this whole “thigh gap” thing got started, but it’s upsetting when a trend encourages girls to try and alter their basic shape… to fit into a mold that’s just not genetically possible for most.

Unrealistic ideals can lead to anxiety, serious body image issues, eating disorders, unhealthy coping skills, and just an all-around pile of yuck.

Model Robyn Lawley does a great job of addressing it on Ellen, and I think it this could be a good clip to show in a lesson on body image or media literacy.

She’s got a great attitude and serves as a positive role model for girls of all sizes, reminding us that eating real food is good… and feeling real bad is not.

For more uplifting messages about body image, check out Operation Beautiful.

More hints and tips in the classroom...

Today’s Health Class

What makes an effective Health curriculum? Check out this article from the CDC… it very clearly breaks down the characteristics of an up-to-date Health class,


Procrastination is a crime, it only leads to sorrow. I can stop it anytime, I think I will tomorrow… I learned that little jingle back

Character Strengths Project

Hey 8th graders! We’re going to get started on your Character Strengths Project.  After taking the Character Strengths Survey at ViaMe.org, you’re going to look at