Planning a family field trip

Image: Shanghai Daily

In our super-connected world, sometimes we forget to connect with the people we’re closest to…

So, for our 8th grade Family Advocacy project, the kids are going to research some ideas for a family field trip here in Shanghai. Then, they’ll come up with their three favorite options, present them to their family, and decide as a group what they’re going to do.

Project Sheet: The Family Field Trip

Here are some resources to get the ideas started. I’ve lived here for almost ten years, and had no idea some of these places even existed. So many great options out there… why limit yourself to one? Try and make this a monthly (or even weekly!) tradition.

Family Fun in Shanghai:

City Weekend: Family Fun listings page

China Travel: Top Activities for Kids in Shanghai

Shanghai Family: October’s Top Family Events

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or see but haven’t had the time? Well now it’s homework… so that means you have to do it!

Have fun, and don’t forget to take pictures… just wait until you get home to post them on your Instagram.

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