Taking role model to a whole new level…

Amy Poehler? Kinda my hero.

Which is why I was excited to find out that she’s created a campaign that inspires girls to change the world. By being themselves.

It’s called Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, and it’s pretty much a big giant pile of awesome. In addition to the website, she has a YouTube channel where she interviews girls who are doing amazing things, answers health questions… and even has a weekly dance party.

If you’re a girl – or happen to teach, parent, or know one – you should check out her website and resources right away.

Her advice on sleep is spot on. This lady knows what she’s talking about.  Funny, compassionate, and wise? Not something we get to see a lot of in our celebrity obsessed culture… and don’t you think it’s time we gave the girls someone to look up to who actually deserves it?

For more from Amy Poehler, check out this list of her Best Life Advice for Teens.

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