Grading in PE… The Parents Perspective

As we’re making the switch to Standards Based Reporting, I think this would be a great read for parents.

How Should Gym Class Be Graded? | The Parents Perspective.

What really stuck out to me was the following…

“One British study even found that half of girls are put off of physical activity by their experiences in gym class and school sports.”

That was certainly the case with me growing up, and it took a long time to undo the negative feelings I had associated with physical activity. If our goal is to instill healthy habits for life… shouldn’t we get started on it right away?


More hints and tips in the classroom...


Resources for parents are plentiful, and I’ll include any I come across that I think could be of use. Click here for some helpful parent

Student Created Tech Use Policy

  Download your own editable doc here: My UP Family Agreement Korean My.U.P. Chinese My.U.P. In 2011, shortly after our school went 1-to-1, our 8th grade Health classes

PHASE 2019

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Evaluating Health Websites

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