2012 SportsKids Of The Year: Conner and Cayden


From Sports Illustrated Kids, here’s the inspiring story of brothers Conner and Cayden Long.

Conner wanted to participate in triathlons with his brother, Cayden, who has cerebral palsy. Despite the difficulties, he made it happen… and it serves as a great example to us all.

Amazing kids… and an awesome addition to a lesson on goal setting. Watched the video with our 7th graders and it really resonated with them. They were able to connect Conner’s journey to the goal setting process, all while learning about kids with disabilities, the bond of siblings, and perseverance.

Good stuff, and I can’t wait to see what’s next for these two.

For more on Conner and Cayden Long, here’s a fun follow up article about their visit with LeBron.

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