PBL Health Workshop


Hey #HealthEd teachers, here’s a link for all of the resources I shared in the PhysEdSummit and APPEC 2016 workshops. For free PD, here’s a copy of the online presentation to take back to your department. And a copy of the keynote as well: PhysEdSummit 2016: PBL with a Focus on Health and Wellness Tip 1: Set the

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The Health Teacher’s Guide to Summer Reading

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This post originally appeared on Choices.Scholastic.com Yay, summer! Hopefully, you’ve got all sorts of plans laid out to help you achieve balance, like playing with your friends and family, taking long breaks, and doing something completely unheard of… like reading a book just for fun. But, if you’re anything like me, summer is also a

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The Summer School Health Survival Kit

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This post originally appeared on Choices.Scholastic.com My first experience as a health teacher was during summer school. I was only 24 years old, at the beginning of my career, and intimidated beyond belief. I was given a stack of worksheets, the teacher’s guide to an outdated textbook, and a box of old VHS tapes. Very

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Resources for the Goal Setting Project

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Hey 7th Graders! The time has come for you to pick a wellness goal for the semester and get into action. Pick something that you’d like to work on – physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially- and draft a plan. Remember to make it a SMART goal: S- Specific (you’ve got to see it to reach

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Mental health in the classroom…

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Screen shot from TeenMentalHealth.org With the latest research telling us that the number of young people aged 15-16 with depression has nearly doubled over the last twenty years, it’s more important than ever for us to be addressing it in our health classes. But as we do, we need to make sure we’re armed with the correct information and

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