Inspiring PSAs to Show in Health Class

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A huge part of what we teach in health class is advocacy, and one of the most effective ways to advocate is through PSAs, or public service announcements. I’ve been having my students make them since back in the days of the handheld VHS cam and, needless to say, the quality has definitely improved over

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Health Ed Activities for the Last Few Days of School

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We’re in the final stretch! Grades are in, comments are done, and we’ve only got a few days left with the kids. In many core classes, this means students will be watching movies, so I hate to make them sit through another one with me as well. Here are some filler activities for health class

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7th Grade- Advocacy through Art Project

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If you’re a teacher interested in this project, click here for instructions. Hey 7th graders! Here are the details for step one of your project. PSA Research: Click on the link to watch these three PSA’s, or maybe find a few on your own. Then answer the following questions with your partner in your journal. What made this

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