Positive Prevention- A New Approach to Health Ed

*This post originally appeared on Choices.Scholastic.Com Students and their health concerns have shifted drastically over the last 20 years, and the previous model of educating via textbooks and scare tactics stopped working long ago. It’s time to shift to a preventative, rather than reactionary approach. Our school’s health program follows a model of positive prevention.

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Great anti-bullying message…

After getting bullied for most of elementary school, 13 year-old Leondre decided to channel his stress in the most awesome way imaginable… by writing it down and then reaching out to others. He formed a rap duo with a friend he made through social media and together they auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.

Their inspiring performance has already gotten 22 million views in the last week. This clip of their appearance on Ellen yesterday is a must see for a middle school health class. It contains messages about bullying, healthy coping skills, and the power of social media to bring about positive change.

A truly awesome example of positive prevention.

What about marijuana?

Image: Creative Commons With restrictions lifting across the U.S., marijuana use among teens is on the rise. As teachers and parents struggle with how to answer questions in a changing legal landscape, staying on top of the latest news and research is more important than ever. This recent article from The New York Times addresses

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Kids being awesome….

Another great example of positive prevention. Show this to your students right away…

Of course, if you’re worried about crying in front of them, you should probably watch it a couple of times first.

Positive tobacco prevention…

From Healthline, Sept. 2013: Teens Respond Better to Positive Information Than Warnings “Want to Keep Kids from Smoking? Tout Positives, Not Negatives… Overall, researchers found that younger study participants were less likely to take the risks of negative information into account. However, positive learning from good news remained constant for people of all ages.” Positive learning

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