Planning a family field trip

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Image: Shanghai Daily In our super-connected world, sometimes we forget to connect with the people we’re closest to… So, for our 8th grade Family Advocacy project, the kids are going to research some ideas for a family field trip here in Shanghai. Then, they’ll come up with their three favorite options, present them to their

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What’s your Tech Curfew?

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You have one, right? What about your kids? There’s been a lot of research lately about the impact of screen time on our sleep, but it still doesn’t seem to be getting through. It’s like… we know that screen time right before bed isn’t good for us – and we get it –  but there

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It’s time for some snacktion…

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From Today’s Parent, here are some fun new recipes… – Superfood: 20 Kid Friendly Recipes – I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about the idea of “Superfoods” that gets Middle School kids super excited. Actually… that’s a lie. I do know what it is. They’re all about instant gratification. And typically, they pick food based on

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Living Fully in the Moment

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When was the last time you went to a concert? Did you notice how many people were watching it through their screens? Or were you one of them? In a recent article from Washington D.C. radio station WTOP, artists open up about smart phones at concerts… and as it turns out, many are getting frustrated by playing

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Modeling a Healthy Digital Diet

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The school year’s started and kids are diving into projects, assignments, and of course… their social lives. With so much of that happening on screen, conversations (and often arguments) at home will revolve around time spent online. How much is ok? How often should you take a break? And how could you possibly have THAT

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