Using Positivity to Combat Cyberbullying

Positive Prevention Student Sample

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, so your #ChoicesChallenge is to Stop the Hate. So how do we do that? Well, all of those anti-bullying messages — you know, the “No Bully Zone” posters — haven’t really been resonating with kids, because most don’t classify themselves as bullies. In fact, the majority of bullying behaviors are

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The Internet was made for awesome…

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Infographic courtesy of With all of the talk about cyberbullying, it’s important to remember the amazing ways in which kids are using the Internet to effect social change. Advocating, fund raising, collaborating… it’s unreal how globally minded they’ve become. New research tells us that anti-bullying prevention isn’t working, so it’s time to take a different

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If you’re doing any sort of lesson on digital footprint… better throw this in the mix. California has just approved Senate Bill 568, which will essentially work like an erase button for teens. From CNET… “Legislation signed Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown will require Web sites, apps, and online services geared toward minors to offer,

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