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Hey 6th graders! Have you ever heard of something called Superfoods? Well, they’re super awesome, and today you’re going to use your super powers to explore the Internet and find out all that you can about Superfoods. Then you’re going to list as many as you can and then pick one to tell us about. After

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Identifying valid health sites

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Hey 6th graders! Did you know that online health searches are now the third most popular activity on the web? While googling symptoms can sometimes be helpful, sometimes it can give us misinformation as well. Read the following article from Choices: Are you Googling Yourself Sick? Now that we’ve talked about how to identify useful

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The Blue Zones Project!

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Hey 6th graders! You just learned about the Wellness Wheel and the four main components of our health: Physical, Social, Emotional and Mental. You also learned that you’re at your best when these areas are in balance. Of course, knowing how to maintain that balance can be tricky. With this project, we’re going to learn about the Blue Zones,

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Fun nutrition websites for review!

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Hey 6th graders! If you want more resources for learning about nutrition (including fun games!) click on one of the links below. CDC’s BAM!- Body and Mind PBS Kids- It’s My Life