Character Strengths Project

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Hey 8th graders!

We’re going to get started on your Character Strengths Project.  After taking the Character Strengths Survey at, you’re going to look at one of your top three character strengths (or any combination thereof) and get to work. It’s time to really think about how you embody this strength, how you use it on a regular basis and the importance of the strength in your life.

If you are having a hard time thinking about how you embody this character strength, ask your family and friends!!!  I’m sure they can think of multiple ways describing how you embody this strength.  They know you best!

 Here are the requirements of your project:

  • You can use any medium to display your top strength. GET INNOVATIVE!
  • Some possible products would include: video, animation, podcast, poster, pictures, music, script, presentation, an art piece, collage, vlog, blog or social media campaign, website, graphic design, short story, even an app… the possibilities are endless!

Some how, some way in your project you need to state…

o   how you embody this character strength

o   how you use this strength on a regular basis

o   the importance of the strength in your life.

We will have three full class days to work on this project and then the presentations will be during the following class.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Ms. Smith 🙂