7th Grade- Flood Lesson

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Hey 7th graders!

Sorry about the floody day schedule! Hopefully you were able to use it to your advantage and get a few extra hours of sleep 🙂

For today’s lesson, we’ll be learning more about goal setting and advocacy. You’re going to be reading about Jilly Dos Santos, a high school student who was able to bring about a big change at her school by using the right tools for advocacy- and goal setting!

Click the link below to read the article about her.

Choices Magazine: The Teen Who Woke Up Her School

Then write the following journal reflection…

What was Jilly’s goal? How was it a SMART (specific, measurable, adjustable, realistic, and timely) one? What can we learn from her example?

Just do your reflection on your laptop or on a separate sheet of paper and bring it in so you can stick it in your classroom journal at school.

I’ll be online today if you have any questions!

Ms. Smith