Sleep Advocacy Instagram Posts!

Sleep Advocacy Project

Did you know that 1/3 of all teenagers are sleep deprived? According to the National Sleep Foundation, you need at least 9 hours, and most of you aren’t even clocking in at 7. Why is that?

Fear of Missing Out is one reason, but so is the desire to study hard and do better in school. But guess what? Those extra hours you spend awake studying aren’t really doing much for you, as you’re much less likely to remember what you studied.

Your brain needs time to reboot. So does your body. We all need a bedtime. If your parents aren’t giving you one, do the grown-up thing and set one for yourself.

Watch the TED talk below, read some of these articles, and reflect on your own sleep habits. Then, using Canva, create a sleep advocacy Instagram post explaining to your classmates one of the amazing benefits of sleep. Then we’ll print them up and make a collage to hang up in the hallway…. so make sure your post is visually appealing!

Sleep Instagram Rubric

Keep all of your research together on this doc: Sleep Advocacy Research Document

And design your poster using this doc as a guide: Sleep Advocacy Post Instructions

Find your own information about the benefits of sleep, or use one of the articles below to get started!

Useful links (feel free to find some of your own!):

Time Magazine: How to Wake Up Your Creativity

NY Times: Sleep is the New Status Symbol

The Mash: Screentime Before Bedtime

NY Times: Lost Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain

The Atlantic: Building Better Athletes with Sleep or Sleep Deprivation Makes us Appear Unattractive and Sad

HuffPost Healthy Living: 5 Ways to Change the World in Your Sleep

TED Talk: Russell Foster: Why do we sleep?