Olympic Goal Setters

Hey 7th graders!

You’re going to research a specific athlete from the Olympics or Paralympics who has inspired you through their goal-setting. Go online to find as much information as you can about their path to Rio, and answer the following questions. If you can’t think of an athlete, then focus on one from the Olympic Refugee Team. They’ve inspired us all!

Download the doc to answer the questions and upload it to Schoology when you’re done!

Research Guide: Olympic Goal Setters

 Happy hunting!!

  1. Which Olympic athlete (or team) would you like to learn more about?
  1. What made you want to pick them?
  1. How is their goal a SMART goal? 






  1. Goals are rarely achieved without help. Who helped your athlete along the way, and what did they do?
  1. What were some of the checkpoints along the way that the athlete experienced to know they were making progress? 
  1. What roadblocks or obstacles did your athlete face while working towards their goal?
  1. What rewards did they receive after they achieved their goal- both tangible (meaning they can touch it) and mental/emotional.

Teacher instructions and resources: Use the Olympics to Teach Kids About Goals