8th grade- Read this article!

Hey gang, read the following article, and then jot down a couple of thoughts in your journal. Do you agree with the author?  

Resources for the infographic project

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*Infographic created by Esther, Grade 8 Hey 8th graders! Here’s everything you’ll need for our next project. Infographics are used quite a bit in reporting health news, as they’re a visually appealing way to get facts and statistics out to the community. Here are some samples… Infographic: Meditation in Schools Across America  Infographic: 15 Scientifically Proven

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7th Grade- Advocacy through Art Project

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If you’re a teacher interested in this project, click here for instructions. Hey 7th graders! Here are the details for step one of your project. PSA Research: Click on the link to watch these three PSA’s, or maybe find a few on your own. Then answer the following questions with your partner in your journal. What made this

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Positive Prevention- A New Approach to Health Ed

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*This post originally appeared on Choices.Scholastic.Com Students and their health concerns have shifted drastically over the last 20 years, and the previous model of educating via textbooks and scare tactics stopped working long ago. It’s time to shift to a preventative, rather than reactionary approach. Our school’s health program follows a model of positive prevention.

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