Food Guidelines Around the World

The Chinese Food Pagoda from

Hey 7th Graders! Here’s your opportunity to learn about food and dietary guidelines all around the world to help our SAS community come up with food guidelines for our own cafeteria.  Here is the link to the most recent Food Based Guidelines around the world. You can work together, but you all need to have your own sheet filled out

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Fun nutrition websites for review!

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Hey 6th graders! If you want more resources for learning about nutrition (including fun games!) click on one of the links below. CDC’s BAM!- Body and Mind PBS Kids- It’s My Life

Alcohol & Drug Lab

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Hey 8th graders, Here’s the doc with all of the links you’ll need for the alcohol lab. Work at your own pace and in whichever order you choose, just make sure you stay on task, there’s tons to learn about making healthy choices. Drug and Alcohol Lab- Spring 2014 Rubric for Alcohol Lab- Spring 2014 The

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