Meditation for the middle school set…

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Last year, after learning about the powerful impact meditation was having on middle school students in San Francisco, we decided to give it a try in our Health classes. Since we don’t have the time to implement the full Quiet Time program, we started with a modified version, doing five minutes at the beginning of each

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Inspirational Goal Setters

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We’re working on our goal setting unit in 7th grade Health, which means it’s time to find some inspirational goal setters. There are a ton of great examples out there, so we usually start each lesson out with a short video clip to get the discussion going. Then, it’s the student’s turn, as they find

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Talking to the doctor…

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According to this recent study by the American Medical Association, adolescents aren’t talking to their doctors nearly enough. In fact, in about one-third of annual check-ups, sexuality issues weren’t brought up at all, and when they were, it was only for a second. This isn’t surprising, as talking about puberty can be awkward, and often times with annual

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Putting an end to fat talk…

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How we talk about each other – and ourselves – has a big impact on the younger girls in our lives. Here are some facts and tips on how we can avoid setting the wrong example.