What about marijuana?

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Image: Creative Commons With restrictions lifting across the U.S., marijuana use among teens is on the rise. As teachers and parents struggle with how to answer questions in a changing legal landscape, staying on top of the latest news and research is more important than ever. This recent article from The New York Times addresses

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Let’s talk about body image…

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Not sure when this whole “thigh gap” thing got started, but it’s upsetting when a trend encourages girls to try and alter their basic shape… to fit into a mold that’s just not genetically possible for most. Unrealistic ideals can lead to anxiety, serious body image issues, eating disorders, unhealthy coping skills, and just an

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What’s up in your cafeteria?

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If you’re looking for ways to incorporate project-based learning into your Health class, (and let’s be honest here, you should be!) then why not start in your own cafeteria? Take the students over with a survey sheet, and have them answer some questions about what’s on offer, and whether or not they can get their

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