2012 SportsKids Of The Year: Conner and Cayden

  From Sports Illustrated Kids, here’s the inspiring story of brothers Conner and Cayden Long. Conner wanted to participate in triathlons with his brother, Cayden, who has cerebral palsy. Despite the difficulties, he made it happen… and it serves as a great example to us all. Amazing kids… and an awesome addition to a lesson on

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Pass it On…

If you haven’t checked out Values.com from The Foundation for a Better Life, better get on it. There’s a wealth of resources on there for teaching kids about values… posters, videos, definitions, quotes, and great examples.

Using tragedy as a teachable moment…

As is usually the case in August, students come in wanting to discuss things they saw on the news over the summer. Unfortunately this year, one of those major events would have been the tragic overdose of Glee star Cory Monteith. While not all students are fans of the show, it certainly has a huge

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