Challenging the norms about teen drinking…

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Lately, much of my focus in class has been on getting the kids to challenge norms… things we’ve been conditioned to view as “rites of passage”. President Obama mentioned this in his 2010 speech about bullying, and I think it’s something we should look at when it comes to our other content areas as well.

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Good Reads for Parents

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There are tons of great resources out there for parents trying to raise healthy teens. As I come across things worth sharing, I’ll try to add them here or to my blog. And if you stumble across anything you think would be of use to our parent community, let me know and I’ll post a link.

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More support for Mindset

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Over the summer last year, our principal had us read Mindset, by Carol Dweck. He also assigned it to the parent community, hoping it would get them to start thinking about failure in a different light… looking at the opportunities it provides for growth, rather than as some sort of a set back. In a

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Carry On: An Inspiring Story of Friendship

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From ESPN’s Outside the Lines comes this inspiring story… a story that I think would be a great addition to any class, grades 6-12… whether you’re learning about goal-setting, advocacy, friendship, or character. It’s the story of two friends and wrestlers from Cleveland who faced tough odds and accomplished some great things… by working together. Here’s an article

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