Free eBook for Parents: Growing up Online

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As parents, having “the talk” with your kids about their online lives is key. And while there have always been tons of resources out there to help with the other “talk”… you know, the one about puberty and sex… there is now some awesome stuff coming out to help with the digital talk as well

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LOL? Not the same as delete.

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No matter how many times we try and tell the kids that what they put on the Internet stays there, they still don’t seem to get it. This Texas teenager is in jail for threatening comments he made on facebook. He followed them up with an LOL and a J/K, but it’s like I tell

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Finally… some healthy snacktion.

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The U.S. if finally putting some strict bans on what schools can sell in their vending machines, and surprisingly, some people are opposed to it. From The New York Times… “Some Republicans were critical of the new rules. Representative Lee Terry, a Republican from Nebraska, tweeted his opposition using the hashtag “nannystate” and writing “RIP

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Is this taking it too far?

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Family Signal is a monitoring program that helps parents keep tabs on their child’s social media use. For $4.99 per month for unlimited kids, you can get an instant alert if anything comes up you should be concerned about. This includes content that could be related to cyberbullying, alcohol, drugs, or sex. “As soon as

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