Using Technology to Combat Cyberbullying

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“My position is that technology can’t solve bullying. This is a people problem. But technology can make a difference, either for the negative or the positive.”       -Henry Lieberman, MIT’s Media Lab- This great new article just came out in The Atlantic by Emily Bazelon, author of Sticks and Stones. I was really struck

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I blame Ke$ha…

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According to the latest research, binge drinking numbers are up for college girls. “Researchers found that, among students who drank alcohol, 85.4 percent exceeded an NIAAA drinking guideline at least once during their first week of college.” Wow. In the first week. Sad to say, this isn’t surprising… with about 1 in 4 American college students suffering academic

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Wait… there’s how many servings in that?

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Just came across this video of what serving sizes really look like… most kids have no clue when it comes to the processed stuff. This could be helpful with any age level Health class. Not sure about the ending though! Here’s a pretty comprehensive NY Times article to make it a complete lesson with the older kids.

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Words to remember…

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When it comes to advocacy, goal-setting, or just establishing healthy habits…. I think we should all remember this. It’s just about finding your passion and getting started.

Are you kidding me right now?

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After three years of back and forth court battles… it looks like the FDA won’t be able to force big tobacco to put graphic warning labels on their packages after all. Unreal. In Australia, they’ve cracked down so hard that the entire box is pretty much all warning, but in the states, they just can’t seem

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